Trump is coming.

On Friday 13th (yes, seriously...) July he will arrive in the UK and all indications are that he will come to Scotland. With your help we will be ready for him. This will be not only the biggest demonstration in years but a festival celebrating everything we love and he hates about modern Scotland.

Make sure you can join us.

We will stand in solidarity with those he oppresses, from American Muslims to the refugee children he throws into cages. We will send a message of love and hope to those suffering in his America, from high school students victimised by gun violence to people of colour terrorised by their own police force and the rampant white nationalists Trump has emboldened. And we will give our support to those across the world who will bear the consequences of his assault on climate science and efforts to stop the climate crisis.

Can you join us in preparing for his visit or at the Glasgow and Edinburgh rallies?


DUMP TRUMP - Glasgow

Friday July 13th @ 17:00–21:00
George Square, Glasgow

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DUMP TRUMP - Edinburgh

Saturday July 14th @ 12:00–16:00
The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

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DUMP TRUMP - Turnberry

Saturday July 14th @ 10:00–13:00

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DUMP TRUMP - Aberdeen

Saturday July 14th @ 11:00–15:00

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Chip in

Can you spare a few pounds to help us make sure this is the biggest, brightest and boldest protest Scotland has seen in years?