In the face of the climate crisis, it is crucial that pension funds remove their investments from fossil fuels. Join us in calling for Falkirk Pension Fund to protect members' investments and tackle the climate crisis by divesting.

Fewer than 5% of councils across the UK have committed to fully divest their pension fund. Meanwhile, Scottish Councils continue to invest around £1.2 billion in fossil fuel companies through council pension funds. Even after many councils declared a climate emergency. The Falkirk Pension Fund invests almost £100 million into fossil fuel companies.

We are asking you to join us in calling on the Falkirk Pension Fund to: 

1. Commit to divest fully the almost £100 million it has invested in fossil fuel companies

2. Provide a timescale to achieve the above timely

3. Use the funds to instead invest in companies that are working to tackle to the climate emergency rather than contribute to it

Fossil fuel companies are some of the wealthiest and most powerful organisations in the world, and they are using this wealth to fund the climate crisis. We also know that it will be the most vulnerable and marginalised communities that will bear the worst effects of this crisis, and those of us in countries that pollute the most have a responsibility to take action now. 

Tell Falkirk Pension Fund to divest from fossil fuels. Please add your name to the end of the email before submitting

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