The Scottish Greens are doing everything we can to ensure Scotland tackles the Covid-19 pandemic effectively and fairly. Now more than ever Scotland needs to come together, and across the country our MSPs, Councillors and Branches are working hard to support their communities and the most vulnerable.

Scottish Green MSPs

In Holyrood the six Scottish Green MSPs are working hard to ensure that the most vulnerable are given the protections they urgently need. We’ve got the Scottish Government to ban evictions, and led calls for an immediate roll out of testing for frontline staff and for eligible children to continue to get free school meals delivered to them so they don’t go hungry. Our MSPs are also helping their constituents who need them. They are fighting evictions, supporting constituents in disputes with unfair employers, and helping people find their way to the support they need. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are constituent and need help with any issue relating to the pandemic and its impact. The Green MSPs are:

Scottish Green Councillors

There are Scottish Green Councillors in Aberdeenshire, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, the Highlands and Orkney organising in their communities and working to ensure the Local Government response to the pandemic is effective and fair. They’re also here to help you with any local issues that you need resolved. Click here to find out who the Green Councillors are and contact them.

Public support and advice

As well as contacting your representative you can also find advice and help from these links. Please only take advice from reputable sources.

NHS Inform - the latest health advice

Citizens Advice - benefits and employment rights

Shelter – housing issues

Parent club - Advice for parents and families

Overseas travel advice

Police Scotland – how to spot a scammer

Womens Aid – for those experiencing domestic abuse

Business advice

If you run a business, you can get advice by calling the helpline: 0300 303 0660. It is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm. Select option 1 to speak to the COVID-19 team.

Or you can find information here