During the pandemic the value of those who provide care has never been more apparent. Our key workers have shown just how important they are during this pandemic and as we begin to build back better, we must ensure that care workers receive the compensation they deserve for their work. 

Carers provide personal care as well as support to ensure that their clients can continue to live life with the upmost freedom, dignity and respect that we all deserve. This allows families to continue to have positive relationships with their loved ones and in many cases this support allows family members to continue working. 

Clapping for carers marked a monumental moment of respect for those who look after us but we need to go further than warm words. We need to ensure carers can pay the rent, have access to good working conditions and that their health and wellbeing is looked after.

Carers often receive low wages, work long hours and many don't receive sick or holiday pay.

Local authorities pay private companies to provide social care on their behalf. We believe that during the tendering process Falkirk Council should be insisting on a set of minimum terms and conditions which include: 

- Paying at least the real living wage

-Holiday pay

- Sick pay

- Recognise trade unions

- Eliminate precarious contracts

Sign our petition to Falkirk Council to demand they recognise the valuable work carers do and make these changes now. 


Sign our petition to Falkirk Council to demand they recognise the valuable work carers do 

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