Exxonmobil’s Mossmorran petrochemical plant is one of Scotland’s biggest polluters and, for local communities, one of the worst neighbours you can imagine.

The plant is aging and constantly flaring, causing extreme light and noise pollution. In spite of repeated warnings and complaints, the Scottish Government are dragging its heels. We’re calling for an urgent independent inquiry into the future of Exxonmobil in Mossmorran.

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Above Fife, a fire is burning, causing misery for local communities, and lighting up the sky so brightly that it can be seen as far away as the Borders.

This is Mossmorran, an Exxonmobil petrochemical plant that makes the components single-use plastics. Mossmorran is part of a fossil fuel complex that is the second biggest climate polluter in Scotland, and it’s now so old that it its experiencing multiple failures that lead to endless flaring.

This is the burning of gas that causes the extreme light and noise pollution and that has in recent years become a feature of the night sky in Fife.Mossmorran has been served countless warnings, final warnings and complaints from local communities but we’re still waiting for decisive action from the Scottish Government. The pollution regulator, SEPA, referred Exxon to the Crown Office over a potential prosecution in relation to the flaring at the Mossmorran complex in April 2019.

The Scottish Greens are calling for an urgent independent inquiry into the future of Exxonmobil in Mossmorran, including developing a plan to close the plant and invest in clean, green industries in the area instead. We’re also asking that Ministers urgently meet with communities surrounding the plant to hear their concerns and act immediately to prevent any further flaring and limit the disruptive noise and vibrations that are damaging local people’s sleep and health.

The Scottish Government don’t want to take on Exxon and are just hoping the problem will go away. We need to flood them with emails and ratchet up the pressure on them to act.

Please take action now!

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