Gillian Mackay MSP and the Scottish Greens support the Ravenscraig Community Action Group’s objections to the proposal which would see a massive industrial freight hub operating 24 hours with 800 Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) moments a day, 1 every 100 seconds, in proximity to local schools and family dwellings.

The hub, which would be built on land zoned for 1,000 new and affordable homes, is not the vision that residents were sold for their community and is a direct reversal of once ambitious plans for regeneration.

GL Hearn Ltd have submitted a proposal to North Lanarkshire Council for permission to "erect a rail freight terminal and distribution centre with associated landscaping and infrastructure".

The site is proposed to be developed on the land east of the Wishaw Deviation Line on the site of the former Ravenscraig Steel Works which is now a residential area within the town with a growing number of homes.

We believe that this proposal would change the character of Motherwell forever, with a massive industrial complex dominating the skyline and over 800 HGV movements a day through Motherwell and surrounding local communities in phase one alone. This would result in the community suffering from the implications of over-industrialisation, such as poor air quality, loss of greenspace, and various forms of pollution including noise.

Alongside residents Gillian Mackay MSP calls on the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, North Lanarkshire Council, net zero public agencies and partners, to work with residents to develop alternative, more ambitious and more appropriate proposals for this national development priority.

We want to hear your views on the Ravenscraig industrial freight hub

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