Portincaple, on the shores of Loch Long, is a beautiful hamlet of around a hundred residents, but it’s facing a wearily familiar problem; a damaging luxury housing development.

The proposals would place 12 large houses, including at least 15 “cabins”, built on a site that’s mostly listed as ancient woodland and part of the Atlantic Rain Forest.

Residents have regularly seen otters, bats, red squirrels, pine martens and newts on or around the site and the loch below is home to porpoises and strongly believed by experts to be host extremely rare sea squirts.

While this proposal is scaled down from initial plans, it opens up a much larger space for subsequent potential development, including road access and utility links that can easily be taken advantage of for future work.

This development is not served by public transport, meaning more car-dependent households at the end of a low-capacity road.

Please object here/opposite, I’ve suggested a detailed response, but you’re encouraged to add your own thoughts as this will do more to persuade the planning committee.

It’s clear that permission should not be given. While the application includes an excellent renewable energy scheme, a high standard of green building and will help remove damaging rhododendron, these positives can all be harnessed without giving the go-ahead to an otherwise damaging proposal. That’s why my suggested response calls upon the council to work with the community on eradication of rhododendron and to work with the architect to include their work in appropriate social housing in future.

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