After years of secret negotiations Stirling Council officials and the developer Allan Duncan King have now reached an agreement to build on Park of Keir. The deal they’ve struck bears little resemblance to the commitments made by Judy Murray when the project was first mooted. The deal doesn’t meet the requirements of providing the affordable Tennis facilities that were promised and it’s clear that thanks to new funding arrangements, the expensive luxury houses are no longer needed to support the sporting facilities but will go ahead anyway.

Park of Keir is the jewel in the crown of Dunblane and Bridge of Allan’s greenbelt. The beautiful rolling landscape is much valued and is home to native woodland. If this development proceeds all that will be lost. On Tuesday the deal will come before members of Stirling Council’s Planning Panel. This is their chance to make their voices heard and throw out this shoddy deal. We’re asking you to write to the Councillors on the panel and let them know you want them to do the right thing on Tuesday; reject the deal and save Park of Keir.

Email your councillors to reject the Park of Keir deal. Please add your name at the end of the email

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