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Give Andy your first preference vote for St Andrews and Strathkinness on 4th May

Andy Collins Sun 30 Apr, 2017

I'm Andy Collins and I'm campaigning to be councillor for the St Andrews and Strathkinness ward.

I believe that I have the policies to tackle the lack of affordable housing in this ward whilst protecting green spaces. As St Andrews evolves, we need to ensure that it retains its unique charm.

Creating homes

Andy Collins Wed 22 Mar, 2017

Greens believe everyone deserves a decent, affordable home.

This can be achieved by introducing rent controls, bringing empty homes into use, facilitating the use of derelict land, and building more social housing.

We will protect green spaces from development and make sure that newly built estates are communities, not just places to live.

Connecting communities in Fife

Andy Collins Wed 22 Mar, 2017

For the sake of our personal health and for the health of the planet, we need to facilitate sustainable modes of transport.

Cyclists, for example, need suitable infrastructure to avoid conflict with traffic and pedestrians. Green councillors will actively support groups like St Andrews Space for Cycling and Cupar Active Travel (part of Sustainable Cupar) to achieve this.

What good could a Green Councillor do in Fife?

Andy Collins Wed 22 Mar, 2017

Voting for a Green councillor will always be a positive vote.

Even one Green councillor will ensure it’s not more of the same in the council chamber.

Greens will always work to put people and communities first. Green councillors across Scotland have fought for jobs, investment in schools, safe roads, green spaces and community say over decisions:

Use your vote

Andy Collins Wed 22 Mar, 2017

The council election on 4th May will use the single transferable vote system (STV).

The counting is, admittedly, complex but the voting is not, all you have to do is simply rank candidates in the order you would prefer them to be elected.

We are asking you to please give the Green candidate your fi rst preference vote, but it is important to rank as many candidates as you can.

Remember that giving a later rank (higher number) to a candidate has no effect on the whether your earlier choices are elected or not.

Greens challenge threat to local libraries

Andy Collins Sun 23 Aug, 2015

Sixteen libraries across Fife face closure as Fife Council seeks to balance its books in the face of a £77 million budget deficit.

The closures have been recommended by Fife Cultural Trust, which manages libraries in Fife on behalf of the Council, as it attempts to find £813,000 of savings in addition to the £906,000 of cuts it has already delivered.

Andy Collins, a member of Cupar Community Council, chair of Sustainable Cupar, and a Scottish Greens List Candidate for Mid Scotland and Fife at the 2016 Holyrood Elections, criticised the plans, stating: