Conference to hear Harvie call for progressive change in Scotland

Fri 21 Oct, 2016

Patrick Harvie MSP, co-convener of the Scottish Greens, will tell his party's Autumn Conference in Perth today (21 Oct) that the minority Scottish Government will not be able to sit in the political centre for the full parliamentary term and will soon have to choose between progressive support from the Greens or side with the right-wing Tories.

The audience at the Perth Concert Hall will also hear how the party, by replicating the positive result of this year's Holyrood election at next year's council elections, can transform communities by bringing power back to local people.

Westminster would be “foolish” to block indyref bill say Greens

Thu 20 Oct, 2016

The Scottish Green Party has welcomed the government’s newly published draft bill on independence. The Greens argue that the option of an independence vote is needed given the 62 percent Remain vote in Scotland, with the Westminster government refusing to show flexibility in allowing Scotland to forge its own relationship with Europe.

Scottish Greens played a prominent role in the 2014 independence referendum and also backed a remain vote in 2016. The party’s co-convener said it would be “foolish” for the Westminster government to block a fresh independence referendum.

Shift in spending needed to shift public health away from a crisis

Alison Johnstone MSP Fri 14 Oct, 2016

In the run-up to the independence referendum in 2014, a question I posed pretty regularly at town hall debates across Scotland was what kind of country do we want to live in. I find myself posing that question again this week in response to a report by Cancer Research.

The report says that during the last decade almost 83,000 Scots children started primary school overweight or obese. We have one of the heaviest populations in Europe, with two in three adults overweight or obese. We spend more than a quarter more than other UK nations on sugar-laden fizzy drinks.

Action needed on social care with more people stuck in hospital

Tue 11 Oct, 2016

Alison Johnstone MSP, Health spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (11 Oct) urged a renewed effort from the Scottish Government to ensure adequate social care provision, as figures showed a big rise in the number of people stuck in hospital waiting for care packages.

There were 1,472 people who experience delayed discharge from hospital in August, a rise of 284 people from the figure of 1,188 in August last year.

70 per cent of people experiencing a delay were aged over 75. 

Scot Gov thinking on Heathrow is flawed

Mon 10 Oct, 2016

Responding to news that the Scottish Government is backing the expansion of London Heathrow airport, John Finnie MSP, Transport and Rural Economy spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said:

"Expansion of hugely-polluting aviation can only be a disaster for the climate, not to mention the impact on local communities. The Scottish Government are flawed in thinking that more of everything is somehow sustainable. 

Renewables report shows opportunity to create jobs & cut fuel poverty

Mon 10 Oct, 2016

A joint report by some of the country’s leading environmental charities, showing that Scotland can produce half of its energy across heat, transport and electricity from renewables by 2030, has been welcomed by the Scottish Greens. 
The Energy of Scotland report produced by WWF, Friends of the Earth and RSPB identifies the most cost effective ways to meet Scotland’s climate targets, including an objective of one in three cars, and half of all buses, being electric by 2030.

Blocking UCG is just the start of Scotland's energy future

Patrick Harvie MSP Fri 7 Oct, 2016

The Scottish Government’s decision to ban Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) is first and foremost a victory for people power. But it also speaks to the wider energy choices Scotland must face in the near future.

From the outset, the whole idea of setting undersea coal seams alight seemed like an environmental disaster waiting to happen.

Decision to rule out UCG welcome; robust planning guidance needed

Thu 6 Oct, 2016

Mark Ruskell MSP, Climate & Energy spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (6 Oct) welcomed the Scottish Government's decision to rule out the use of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) but warned that robust planning guidance will be needed to enforce the move.

In May 2014, Green MSPs brought a motion to the Holyrood chamber calling for a ban on all forms on unconventional gas extraction to protect communities and the climate, but all other parties voted against it. 

Deeply concerning NHS 24 IT system so late & over budget

Thu 6 Oct, 2016

Alison Johnstone MSP, Health spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (6 Oct) highlighted a report by the Auditor General into IT problems at NHS 24.

The health board's failure to launch its new IT system successfully means its cost will be £131.2 million - 73 per cent higher than the original business case. The Auditor General says "there's no quick fix available."

Research underlines need for Scotland to be heard in Brexit negotiations

Thu 6 Oct, 2016

Ross Greer MSP, Europe & External Affairs spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (6 Oct) highlighted warnings from a leading economic institute that Brexit could result in Scottish wages being up to seven per cent lower, meaning a loss of up to £2,000 a year for someone on average earnings.