Isla O'Reilly, the Scottish Greens' spokesperson on Education, Children and Young People, today welcomed new research showing that young people want access to good quality homes and to feel safe in their communities.
The report, by the Beyond4Walls project involving the Poverty Alliance and Children in Scotland, looks at housing, the economy and community issues in Scotland.

Isla O'Reilly, Scottish Green MSP candidate for the Highlands and Islands, said:

“This is welcome research and underlines the benefits to us all if we help our young people get good quality housing, transport and jobs. The needs of young people vary between our cities and rural communities but there are common themes in this report which I’d urge the Scottish Government take on board.

“Moving into your own home for the first time can be daunting and we should look to support those who need help with the form-filling that’s required. During school we should ensure we’re preparing young people for the ups and downs of life so they can be resilient individuals when they leave home.

“The affordability of housing is a key concern, and as well as building more homes we need to look at rent controls in problem areas. This is a measure Scottish Greens have pushed for and we’re pleased to see it included in the housing bill to be debated by parliament.

“Transport, particularly in rural areas, can be a nightmare, and we need to look at it as a public service rather than leaving the market to decide. Extra support for young people to reduce the rising cost of using buses and trains would go a long way to relieving stress for many.

“It’s also significant that young people want a voice in their community. Our democracy, whether at national or local level, should genuinely involve people and we’d do well to take decisions having reflected on the views and experiences of our young people as they are our future.”


Young people call for quality housing, access to support and safer communities (Children in Scotland)