Mon 18 Nov, 2019

Like the climate crisis, it’s the young who will live with the consequences. It’s our future Cameron Glasgow

The Scottish Greens will today call for the priorities of students and young people must be heard in this general election.

The NUS Scotland manifesto calls for action on many Scottish Green priorities.

Ahead of meeting students at Strathclyde University, Scottish Green co-leader Patrick Harvie said: “Young people’s voices are being ignored in this election, which is unforgivable.

“Brexit promises to erode student opportunities and funding and taking away their freedoms to study across Europe. It is clear students want to put a stop to Brexit and secure a long-term future for further education and academic research.

“They tell us we need to transform our society and economy for the public good, and most importantly they demand action on the climate emergency.

“It’s time we started listening to our young people. Boris Johnson’s Brexit wreck is driven by a backward-looking British Nationalism that longs for a blue passport, it is not about securing a sustainable future.

“Scottish Greens are calling for a Scottish Green New Deal to tackle the climate crisis now, secure thousands of jobs and build a sustainable future as an independent European partner. The loudest way to demand climate action is to vote Green in December.”

Cameron Glasgow, who is the youngest candidate in Scotland, said: “No one born in the 21st Century has voted on Scotland’s future. Almost 200,000 young voters have never been asked what they think about independence or our membership of the European Union. Yet, like the climate crisis, it’s the young who will live with the consequences. It’s our future.”

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