YouGov show Greens up in fourth place

For immediate release 1 May 2011

Today's YouGov poll for Scotland on Sunday again suggests a breakthrough result for the Greens, up to 7% and again ahead of the Lib Dems. Projections from Scotland Votes indicate that the party would be up from two seats to eight.

Patrick Harvie said:

"The momentum is clearly with the Greens, and if this poll is right we're on course for our best ever Holyrood result. A second vote for the Greens will not only ensure strong voices against the cuts to public services, but if the Lib Dems can be squeezed into fifth place it could even be a fatal blow to this unwanted and unpopular Westminster coalition."

YouGov's results for Scotland on Sunday are as follows.

Constituency vote
SNP: 42%
Lab: 34%
Con: 12%
Lib: 7%

Regional vote
SNP: 35%
Lab: 33%
Con: 12%
Grn: 7%
Lib: 6%

Seat projection for
SNP: 54
Lab: 47
Con: 14
Grn: 8
Lib: 5