YouGov poll shows Greens on the move

For immediate release 24 April 2011

The Scottish Greens today welcomed a YouGov poll putting the party up to 7% on the second vote, a result which if repeated on polling day would see eight Green MSPs elected and putting the party ahead of the Lib Dems at Holyrood.

Patrick Harvie said:

"We've been making the case that people in every single part of Scotland can elect Green MSPs with their second vote, and this poll suggests we could be on track for our best ever result. It also indicates a clear rejection of the UK Coalition, and of the Lib Dems in particular. There's still no chance that any party will get an overall majority, and a Scottish Government dependent on the votes of the Coalition parties simply couldn't be trusted to protect our economy and our public services. A strong group of Green MSPs holding the balance of power is the only plausible alternative.

"The first priority of Greens in the next Parliament will be to find ways to work with the other parties to establish a pragmatic, fair and responsible alternative to Westminster's ideological cuts agenda. Scotland doesn't support the decimation of our public services alongside a tax system that continues to favour the richest, and we cannot afford the impact it is having on small businesses either. Poll after poll shows that Scottish voters want an alternative, and the pressure will be on all the parties at Holyrood to deliver after the election."

The results of the YouGov poll commissioned by Scotland on Sunday are as follows: