With just over two weeks to go to the Scottish independence referendum, the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales today visited Edinburgh to explain why her party supports the Scottish Greens' push for a Yes vote.

Natalie Bennett, whose party has 160 councillors, 3 MEPs and Green MP Caroline Lucas, says Scottish independence would shake up UK politics and encourage progressive forces throughout the British Isles.

Since launching their distinctive Green Yes campaign last November the Scottish Greens have taken their message of opportunity to hundreds of communities across Scotland, directly appealing to undecided voters.

Tonight at the Out of the Blue arts venue in Leith Natalie will explain why a Yes vote would be good for the rest of the UK.

Natalie Bennett said:

"Scotland voting Yes represents an opportunity to show that there is an alternative to the unfair austerity, social division and privatisation pursued by Westminster. I look forward to the exciting possibility of real change for England and Wales that Scottish independence would bring.

"The Scottish Greens are helping the Yes campaign reach out way beyond the SNP, and are giving momentum to the causes of fairness, democracy and peace. The UK's tired old political framework is in serious need of a shake up, and a Yes vote would undoubtedly do that."


Green Yes

An evening with Natalie Bennett:
Out of the Blue, Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh
7pm tonight (Tue)