Woods, not walls needed to protect Honest Toun

A Musselburgh campaign group is growing rapidly as alarming details emerge of plans for a £42 million concrete wall to be erected along the river and coast lines.

Musselburgh Flood Protection Action Group gained 200 members in its first three days after it was launched by residents frustrated by a lack of meaningful consultation on the scheme. The group now stands at more than 500 members.

The Council’s ‘Preferred Scheme’ includes the replacement of three footbridges and the construction of extensive high barriers along the coast and river Esk.

Shona McIntosh, the Greens’ Musselburgh council candidate for 2022, said:

This is not the right scheme for our town – it will destroy our connection with our natural environment, involve a massive carbon footprint, and create years of disruption for residents.

There are extensive natural measures that could be taken throughout the Esk catchment that would slow water flow and improve biodiversity – all at lower cost to the taxpayer. We should maximise these options to protect our beautiful coast and riverside town centre.

Image: Shutterstock