With communities, we have led the fight against fracking

Green MP Caroline Lucas, who was arrested for taking part in a peaceful protest against fracking in Sussex, will today (29 April) urge Green activists to help elect a record number of MSPs to increase the pressure on the SNP to turn its temporary moratorium into a permanent ban.


Green MSP Alison Johnstone led Holyrood's first debate on fracking in 2014, proposing a ban which MSPs from all other parties voted against. Greens on the Smith Commission secured devolution of fracking licences. And following sustained pressure from Greens and community campaigners the SNP extended their moratorium to include underground coal gasification.


Ahead of speaking to a gathering of campaigners in Falkirk today, Caroline Lucas said:


"Greens have taken a clear and principled stand on fracking in contrast to the other parties. We have stood up for threatened communities. When figures such as the Governor of the Bank of England are warning of the economic risk of over-exposure to fossil fuels, the need for bold action on this issue is clear.


"With more Greens in the Scottish Parliament there is a greater chance of Scotland enforcing a ban, and that would show real leadership to the rest of the UK."


Kirsten Robb, Scottish Green MSP candidate for Central Scotland, said:


"The Scottish Greens have led the fight against fracking, with other parties shifting their positions in response to our pressure. We have consistently opposed all forms of unconventional gas extraction as it poses huge risks to our economy, our communities and our climate. 


"Caroline is highly regarded for her principled stance on this issue and will help encourage our supporters to work even harder to persuade people that Scotland can ban fracking and create more and better jobs in alternative industries. Regional Green votes will make all the difference to our parliament and help turn the fracking moratorium into a ban. "