With 20mph zones we can have safe streets & cut our transport emissions

Mark Ruskell MSP, Climate Change spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (15 Sep) urged the First Minister to get behind the principle of rolling out 20 mph zones in residential areas in an effort to meet gaps in her Government's climate action plan.

This week the UK Committee on Climate Change highlighted that emissions from transport are holding Scotland back and that there are zero actions in the Scottish Government’s climate action plan to address this.

It comes as the Scottish Greens crowdsource ideas on social media to include in Scotland's proposed new Climate Change Act.

Mark Ruskell MSP said:

"In reducing our climate emissions we can also create safer, healthier communities. The report from the Committee on Climate Change is yet another wake up call for Scottish Ministers. We need big, bold ideas on transport, and by saying Twenty's Plenty by default in residential areas we could deliver multiple benefits.

"The response from the First Minister today was that her Government will merely ‘encourage’ local authorities to adopt 20 mph zones ‘where appropriate’. That's not good enough. I intend to keep pushing for a policy of a default limit in residential areas so we truly achieve safe streets and cut our transport emissions."


"Additional policies will have to be put in place to accelerate uptake of low-carbon technologies and a greater reduction in demand for carbon intensive activities. Effort to-date has not been sufficient, with the RPP2 not including any policies on transport."

From the UK Committee on Climate Change report published this week

Facebook crowdsource by Mark Ruskell MSP: 
Scotland's new climate law: what should it say?