Wightman welcomes poll for Shelter Scotland on energy efficiency in private rented sector

Andy Wightman MSP, Housing spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (27 June) welcomed the findings of a YouGov poll for Shelter Scotland, which found that 85 per cent of Scots would support laws that required private landlords to increase the energy efficiency rating of their property to a minimum standard before they could let them out.

Andy said:

“Improving the energy efficiency of housing before allowing landlords to rent it out makes perfect sense. As well as building new homes to tackle Scotland’s housing crisis, we must improve the quality of what already exists, as far too many people are pushed into poverty and ill-health through cold, draughty or damp housing.
“Stories such as people using tea-lights to warm their homes underline the need for this to become a greater priority for the Scottish Government. Greens will keep up the pressure for increased funding for warm homes, and we look forward to new regulations to improve the situation in the private sector.”