Wightman uses FMQs to raise issue of Scottish firms used by criminals to launder £4billion

Scottish Green MSP Andy Wightman today (30 March) used First Minister's Questions to raise the issue of Scottish shell firms being used by criminals to launder £4billion out of Russia.

Mr Wightman has been pursuing the issue of Scottish Limited Partnerships since being elected as an MSP last May.

Following FMQs, Andy said:

“Six weeks ago I had a meeting with Michael Matheson, the Justice Secretary, to invite him to consider introducing a new criminal offence of vicarious liability for crimes committed by SLPs. This could be used to prosecute individuals and firms that incorporate SLPs where they are found to have been involved in criminal activity. 

"Straightforward defences of due diligence would be available that would enable legitimate use of this vehicle by law firms whilst putting in place very intimidating sanctions for the unscrupulous vendors of SLPs that end up being used for criminal enterprises. I am pleased that the First Minister has agreed to include this option in a review of the situation, and I will continue to press for action.”


Scots shell companies used to launder £4 billion out of Russia (Herald)