Thu 6 Jul, 2017

Choosing a warfare systems developer as their backdrop shows Labour lack vision and are slow to support the jobs of the future Scotland needs. Andy Wightman MSP

Scottish Green MSP Andy Wightman today (6 July) said what Labour have called their Scottish industrial strategy shows the party lacks vision.

The Greens pointed out that Labour chose to launch the publication at a warfare systems developer and the world's 9th biggest defence contractor.

Andy Wightman MSP, a member of Holyrood's Economy Committee, said:

"Two years ago the Scottish Greens produced a comprehensive report - Jobs in Scotland's New Economy - which shows how we can create 200,000 high quality jobs in lasting industries, such as retrofitting housing, North Sea decommissioning and sustainable energy. It seems Labour are hoping they can catch up with us.

"Ideas such as giving workers a greater say in the running of businesses are longstanding Green policy, and while Labour only 'see merit' in the idea of a South of Scotland enterprise agency, this was a Green 2016 manifesto commitment and the Scottish Government has agreed to make it happen. Labour also don't seem to understand the meaning of the word 'sustainable' as to them this includes production of oil and gas, which climate science and economics tell us have to be kept in the ground.

"It's also a bit rich of Labour to warn of uncertainty caused by Brexit when their MPs last week failed to support moves to keep us in the single market. And we should remember that they stood in the way of employment law being devolved to Scotland during the Smith Commission negotiations.

"Choosing a warfare systems developer as their backdrop shows Labour lack vision and are slow to support the jobs of the future Scotland needs. Greens will continue to lead the way on this issue, working closely with trades unions, pushing for a jobs-rich economy that does not rely on the environmental and human exploitation of the past."


Jobs in Scotland’s New Economy, a report commissioned by the Scottish Green MSPs (August 2015)

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