Mon 11 Mar, 2019

Scottish Greens Land Reform spokesperson Andy Wightman MSP will lead a debate this week calling for information on the ownership, use and value of land to be made more easily, openly and transparently available to the public.

The creation of a comprehensive Scottish Land Information System, containing information about the ownership, use and value of land, and made freely available to the people of Scotland, would bring welcome social and economic benefits.

Mr Wightman, will also commend a report from Community Land Scotland that has assessed the lack of transparency in land ownership in Scotland.

Obtaining comprehensive information about land and property is straightforward in some jurisdictions, but Scotland lags behind many other countries in the ease with which such information is made available.

Andy Wightman MSP said:

“A modern, democratic society requires open and transparent information on the ownership, use and value of land. The creation of a comprehensive Scottish Land Information System could be transformational in improving citizen’s access to information around land and property. Existing efforts are a start but require better leadership and governance.

“It is currently far too difficult, time-consuming and expensive to obtain land information which is currently held in a variety of different places. The Scottish Government must commit to ensuring that Information about the ownership, use and value of land is freely and easily available to the people of Scotland.”

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