What Scotland really needs to grow its tourism economy

Patrick Harvie, Finance and Economy spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP for Glasgow, today challenged the SNP as it launched a consultation on plans to cut Air Passenger Duty to encourage aviation growth.

It comes as data show that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere grew more in past 12 months than at any time in the past 56 years.

Patrick said:

"In light of the latest climate change wake-up call, this is a pretty brazen announcement by the SNP. Persistence by the Scottish Greens resulted in ministers admitting that their APD policy would increase climate change emissions. After four years of failed targets, this policy simply does not stack up.

"Equally, it represents a further tax break for an industry that already pays next to nothing. Unlike every other form of transport, airlines don’t pay a penny of fuel tax.

“The SNP is trying to sell its policy with the hope that jobs will trickle down. What Scotland really needs to grow its tourism economy is investment in domestic public transport, decent broadband and a skilled workforce. Scottish Greens choose these priorities rather than putting more money in the pockets of a polluting industry and wealthy frequent fliers."


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