Thu 15 Oct, 2020

Scottish Greens Co-Leader Patrick Harvie MSP this afternoon called on the Scottish Government to ensure that routine weekly testing of frontline workers plays a greater role in tackling the virus.

In response to the First Minister’s virtual statement to parliament this afternoon Mr Harvie noted that the Scottish Government’s Nosocomial Review Group approved a new hospital testing strategy in September and asked how this related to the Scottish Government’s wider review of testing.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

“Yesterday we learned that the Scottish Government’s Nosocomial Review Group approved a new hospital testing strategy in September, that includes regular to ensure cases are detected among staff and patients and transmission in hospitals is reduced.

"Scottish Greens first called for this testing to be introduced in April, so we welcome that the Scottish Government is finally moving in the right direction, but as the First Minister was unable to clarify exactly what the group approved it remains unclear how far this strategy goes.

“Today we also have the welcome news that a separate new testing strategy will be in place by the time the current restrictions on hospitality are lifted on 26th October. The Scottish Government has yet to explain how these two testing strategies will align.

“What frontline workers want to know is who exactly will be eligible for asymptomatic testing and whether the new testing strategy will mean they get their first weekly test date on the 26th, giving them the confidence they need that they’re not inadvertently spreading the virus to vulnerable people, or will the system merely be agreed on this date with further delays for implantation. These points require swift clarification from the Scottish Government."

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