We must plan an economy for Ayrshire that does not feature nuclear

Ross Greer, Scottish Green MSP for West of Scotland, today (31 Oct) said that safety concerns about the Hunterston nuclear plant aired in a BBC documentary show the need for Ayrshire to plan an economic shift away from such a risky, high-cost industry.

In the programme, fears are raised by nuclear expert John Large that the plant's reactors might not be able to shut down in an emergency. Documents obtained through Freedom of Information show regulator concerns over cracks in reactor three of Hunterston B.

Ross Greer MSP said:

"The issue of cracks in the reactor has been raised before, and this latest set of concerns from an industry expert will add to uncertainty for local people. It shows how undemocratic French-based multinational EDF were in deciding to extend the life of the plant without seeking local views.

"We must start planning now for an economy for Ayrshire that does not feature this risky, high-cost industry. There are alternative sectors we could be building up, whether in renewable energy, food and drink, manufacturing or in energy efficient housing. I look forward to a time when the West of Scotland doesn't have to worry about nuclear reactor cracks but sadly we'll be stuck with its toxic legacy for generations."