Vote Scottish Greens to challenge the SNP and make them bolder

Alison Johnstone, Green MSP for Lothians

Today's manifesto launch by the SNP shows there remains a clear difference in ambition between the Greens and the SNP, with only a Green vote standing up to the threat of fracking and the TTIP trade deal, and delivering a real living wage and publicly-owned railways.

The Scottish Greens, who are standing in the majority of Scotland's 59 seats, are pledging a £10 minimum wage for all ages by 2020, publicly-owned railways, opposition to the TTIP trade deal, and more powers for Scotland and local communities. Lothians MSP Alison Johnstone explained that: "In this incredibly exciting election, following five years of unnecessary cuts, we need bold ideas to transform our communities. On some issues we can see that the SNP are on the right track but lack the clarity and ambition that the Scottish Greens provide."

Alison also explained what the Greens could contribute on these issues: "On the minimum wage rather than increasing it by pennies we need to get it up to a decent level in the coming years so no-one is forced to work in a job that leaves them in poverty. On the TTIP trade deal rather than picking and choosing aspects we should be saying no to the whole corporate power grab, and on fracking we need to see a moratorium become a permanent ban so we can end this dangerous distraction and focus on a sustainable energy policy instead."

But the difference is larger than just a few policies, it's a question of ambition for a Scotland where all have an opportunity to flourish. The Scottish Greens, whose membership has surged to almost 9,000, remain the only party truly committed to having an economy that puts people ahead of profit.

For more information on our candidates and to read our manifesto, please follow the link here.