Vote Remain to deny right-wing Tories chance to slash services further

Patrick Harvie, Finance spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP for Glasgow, today urged a Remain vote in the EU referendum in response to a threat from Chancellor George Osborne to cut public spending even further in the event of Brexit.

The Scottish Greens are campaigning for a Remain vote to build a better Europe, and believe Scotland and the rest of the UK are Greener In the EU. 

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

“The vague, contradictory and downright deceitful messages coming from the Leave campaign show that a Remain vote is the only rational choice for voters to make next week. However, one thing is abundantly clear – those on the right of the Tory Party would like nothing better than to slash public services even more brutally than they’ve done already, and they will aim to use the consequences of a Leave vote to achieve that. It’s vital that we deny them the chance they’ve been looking for to further their socially destructive agenda.”


Osborne warns Brexit means tax rises and spending cuts (FT)