Viewers will be baffled and disappointed by STV excluding us

The Scottish Greens have today (27 April) called on STV to reverse their decision to host a televised debate featuring only four of Scotland’s five parties.

STV have said their debate on 24 May will include what they call the leaders of the four "main" parties, ignoring the fact that the Scottish Greens have more MSPs than the LibDems, more members than the LibDems, and are currently polling ahead of the Libdems for next week's council elections and in Holyrood election polling.

This format would also result in one pro-independence voice against three anti-independence voices, in an election in which some parties have made the issue a central message of their campaign.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Greens said:

"STV froze us out of their general election debate in 2015 but doing so two years later after so much has changed in Scottish politics is simply bizarre. Patrick Harvie was on the stage in their Holyrood election debate just last year. Viewers will be baffled and disappointed by our exclusion and we would encourage them to make their feelings known.

"The lack of balance given the ongoing constitutional question is extraordinary. The Green MSPs' prominent role in Scottish politics is certain to feature in the debate, so it's completely unacceptable that we won't be there to address references to us.

"We hope STV see sense and put on a fair debate, which we'd be delighted to take part in. We will announce our candidates for the general election after the results of the important council elections at the end of next week."