Unemployment figures show need for jobs plan


Responding to figures showing unemployment in Scotland increased by 20,000 between December and February to 171,000, Kirsten Robb, Youth and Women's Employment spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP candidate for Central Scotland, said:

"These figures show the need for bold action to improve pay and conditions for workers and the need for investment to create lasting jobs in new industries. Small businesses are vital to our economy and the Scottish Greens want to see greater support for small firms so we can encourage activity that boosts local economies and provides greater resilience compared to big firms who can be here today gone tomorrow.


"The closure of the Carron works, with the loss of 200 jobs, shows the need to plan for new industries in a low carbon future.


"The Scottish Greens have a bold agenda on employment, from our Scotland Guarantee of work, education or training for every school leaver to our Jobs in the New Economy plan which outlines how we can create many more jobs in clean industries than currently exist in oil and gas extraction. With our progressive plans to reform income tax and council tax we are offering a fair way to raise funds to invest in public services and job security."