UK government attack on trade unions must be stopped

The UK government’s attacks on trade union rights must be resisted and defeated, say the Scottish Greens.

This comes on the day that the UK Government has announced plans that would threaten and undermine the right for trade unions to organise strike action.

Scottish Green MSP Maggie Chapman said:

“There is nothing that terrifies the Tories more than working people coming together and standing up for their rights.

"The attacks we are seeing on the rights of unions are not just an attack on workers and the right to organise, they are also an attack on terms and conditions and on everything that the trade union movement has achieved.

"Whether it is minimum wage, paid holidays or weekends, these rights have been hard fought and won by organised, unionised workers. Trade Unions are, and always have been, instrumental in securing better working conditions and rights for all of us.

"The Scottish Greens will always do everything we can to defend workers’ rights here in Scotland, both within the powers available to the Scottish Parliament and as a cornerstone of our vision for independence.

"These attacks must be resisted and defeated. We will always stand in full solidarity with workers when their rights are so brazenly threatened.”