Wed 17 Dec, 2014

Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, is welcoming a poll showing that 79 per cent of people want to see the Greens represented in the ITV General Election debate.

ITV is proposing a debate featuring the Conservatives, Labour, the Libdems and Ukip but not the Greens.

Patrick said:

"This poll demonstrates that the era of two big parties dominating British politics is over. The public wants and deserves to hear a wider range of voices as we debate the future of our economy and our democracy. Scotland's electorate is more politically engaged than ever and there is a danger this won't be reflected by London-based broadcasters.

"Greens across the UK are enjoying a membership surge, a steady rise in the polls and we will continue to make the case for inclusion in set piece TV debates, both at UK level and here in Scotland."


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