As the Scottish Parliament debates the controversial TTIP trade deal (29 April) Scottish Greens are highlighting the threat posed by what it calls an "assault on democracy".

The Scottish Greens, who for the first time are standing in the majority of Scotland's Westminster constituencies, are pledging continued opposition to the EU-US Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership, which threatens to lock-in privatisation and allow big companies to sue governments for policies perceived to affect profits.

Scottish Green MSP Patrick Harvie has lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament, calling for the European Parliament and European Commission to allow national parliaments to have the have the final say on the policies they pursue.

Patrick said:

"TTIP is an assault on democracy, and while it's unsurprising to see the Conservatives and LibDems backing it, it's disappointing that the SNP and Labour are not yet willing to oppose it, arguing only for the NHS to be exempt.

“That’s not enough; the whole deal represents a capitulation to corporate interests, and we must stand up to this attempt to undermine our democracy.

"A strong case has been made against TTIP, and it’s clear that the public interest would be better served by pursuing trade rules that seek to raise countries up to the highest level of social and environmental protection, instead of reducing everything to the lowest common denominator. Responsible businesses which avoid exploiting people and the environment would have nothing to fear from that approach."


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