Patrick Harvie MSP, Finance and Economy spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, says the resolution on TTIP passed today at the SNP conference underlines the need for a much tougher stance.

Scottish Greens are the only Holyrood party opposed to TTIP, the controversial EU-US trade deal which threatens jobs, wages and food standards. The deal aims to remove barriers to multinational corporations and could enable them to sue governments over profits.

Today's motion approved by SNP members only calls for Scotland’s representatives to work towards excluding public services such as the NHS from the deal.

Patrick Harvie, Scottish Green MSP for Glasgow, said:

"Scottish ministers are on record saying TTIP could deliver significant economic benefits. Labour continue to support the principles behind the negotiations. The need for a much tougher stance is clear.

"To protect only public services like the NHS misses the point. It is a corporate power grab that threatens workers' rights and public protections, and undermines local businesses by letting big companies determine the rules of the game.

"Scottish Greens are clear in our total opposition to TTIP. The motion passed today demonstrates that the party of Government is trying to keep its options open. We need strong protections for labour rights and environmental standards, as well as public services, and we must put the interest of our communities before corporate profits."


"The Scottish Government believes that TTIP could deliver significant economic benefits"

Labour "continues to support the principles behind these negotiations”