Tories will "never be forgiven" as children starve and pensioners freeze

The Scottish Greens say the Tory government’s failure over energy costs will ‘never be forgotten nor forgiven’ if they fail to take immediate action. 

Calling for a freeze on the energy price cap, a return to October 2021 levels and meaningful financial support for those left struggling with the cost of bills, they also reiterated calls for the big five energy firms to be nationalised.

Warning that people would be left to starve and freeze unless new measures are brought in to tackle the emergency now, Scottish Greens economy spokesperson Maggie Chapman said: 

“The contempt with which the Tory government are treating people is something that will never be forgotten nor forgiven if children are allowed to go unfed, families fracture and pensioners freeze in ever more heartbreaking numbers."

“The UK Government must step in to stop this latest price rise from going ahead this week and urgently roll back the energy cap to October 2021 levels, so everyone has at least a chance to keep their lights and heating on."

“Energy firms for their part must ensure no one faces the prospect of going without by guaranteeing supply, forgiving debt and choosing to take a hit on their profits as responsible businesses providing lifeline services."

“While their ongoing involvement in talks over the crisis is to be welcomed, we reiterate our party’s view that they should be nationalised as soon as possible in the protective interests of the public.” 

“Scotland in particular gets colder and darker quicker than anywhere else in the UK, which as the lights burn in a vacant Downing Street is something clearly lost on those living in the London bubble."

“We will do all we can to try and mitigate the very real hardships which are already impacting people up and down the country."

"We are working with the Scottish Government to see what more we can do with the powers we have, but the main economic levers remain at Westminster.”

“That is why we are demanding that the UK Government brings back the £20 Universal Credit pandemic uplift and then doubles it to put money where it is needed now, inflation-proofs the Scottish Parliament budget and imposes proper new windfall tax on profitable companies that will see consumers directly benefit."

“Such drastic times need urgent action, before it is too late, and the energy companies must shoulder a large proportion of that responsibility.”