Thu 6 Feb, 2020

The Scottish Government’s budget, as published this afternoon, fails to adequately respond to the climate emergency, according to Scottish Greens Co-Leader Patrick Harvie MSP.

Scottish Greens have made a number of constructive proposals, which would protect local services and begin to tackle the climate crisis, unfortunately the Scottish Government have so far failed to engage in constructive negotiations to deliver the transformative change required.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

“Despite the Scottish Government’s world leading rhetoric, this budget is timid, not transformative. It lacks the necessary action on the climate emergency and is an abdication of responsibility. The Finance Minister must change tack if she wishes to secure our support for her budget.

“In recent years Scottish Greens have engaged constructively with the Scottish Government to protect vital local services across the country.

“This year, in addition to protecting important services, we have prioritised action to tackle the climate emergency. The lack of an emergency response in today’s budget reflects the lack of constructive engagement from the government this year.

“This is extremely disappointing, but there is still time to strike a deal. Nobody expected Kate Forbes to have to take over the budget in these circumstances, but it does give her the opportunity to try and build the political agreement that has been missing so far. If that includes a willingness to change tack on climate, then the Scottish Greens are ready to be constructive.


“Our proposals include expanding the concessionary bus fare scheme to young people. This popular policy would not only encourage more people to use public transport, helping to tackle the climate crisis, it would make using buses more convenient and affordable for families and provide huge social and economic boosts to communities across the country."


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