Think Tank Analysis Shows Greens Leading The Tax Debate

Responding to analysis by think tank IPPR Scotland of the political parties' income tax plans, Scottish Greens co-convener Patrick Harvie, the party's finance and economy spokesperson, said:


"This analysis shows that the Scottish Greens' proposals to use income tax powers to raise revenue are far bolder than the SNP's but crucially our plans tackle inequality, while Labour's do not. Rather than a blunt across the board rise, as Labour propose, we'd use the new powers creatively to lower tax for lower earners, and ask high earners to pay a fairer share.


"In addition, Greens have proposed a fairer replacement for Council Tax which would raise an additional £490million, and a levy on derelict and vacant land which would generate a further £250million a year. 


"With the SNP's timid approach and Labour's lack of vision, it is clear that the Scottish Greens are leading the debate on how to use Holyrood's tax powers to create a more equal Scotland."