Theresa May must clarify stance on Scotland after Brexit speech

A speech by the Prime Minister confirming the UK will not remain in the European Single Market after Brexit has been slammed as “confused, contradictory and dangerous” by the Scottish Greens.

The party’s external affairs spokesperson says that Theresa May must urgently clarify if the Scottish Government’s European proposals will be considered and if Holyrood will have a say in the “final agreement”.

Greer also says that an independence referendum now “looks unavoidable”.

Ross Greer MSP, the Scottish Greens’ external affairs spokesperson, said:

“Disappointingly, the Prime Minister’s Brexit speech was confused, contradictory and dangerous. That she said the Scottish Government’s proposals will be considered during a speech which completely contradicted them is either insulting or shows a dangerous lack of understanding. These vague UK government announcements do nothing more than reinforce that an independence referendum looks unavoidable. The angry, isolated Britain the Tories clearly have in mind isn’t something I believe most people here want to be a part of.

“Scottish and UK ministers are due to meet on Thursday and the Prime Minister must take this opportunity to clarify if the Scottish Government’s proposals will actually be considered and if the Scottish Parliament will have a say in any final agreement, in the same way Westminster will.”