Ten thousand sign petition calling on STV to invite the Greens as other parties support their inclusion

The Scottish Green Party have today, Saturday 14th March, announced that the petition calling for their inclusion in STV's leaders debate has reached ten thousand signatures. This comes after the leaders of Scotland's other four major parties have announced their support for the Greens inclusion.

Launched at 11am on Thursday, after STV announced their plans to hold a debate with four of Scotland's five parties, the petition has received support across Scotland, peaking at forty signatures a minute and reaching ten thousand signatures at 13.53 on Saturday. At the time of release the total number stands at 10,103.

Commenting on the public and political support, Patrick Harvie MSP said:

“This groundswell of support across Scotland shows that there is a clear demand for the Greens to be included in the debate. These past two years have seen high-quality, enjoyable televised debates, with STV often hosting the best of them and with the Greens regularly given a platform. The public clearly expect this diversity of vision to continue being on offer, if only for them as voters to give us the scrutiny we all deserve.

We are also grateful for the messages of support from the leaders of Scotland's four other major parties. Their statements add considerable weight to the call by over ten thousand members of the public for STV to reconsider and extend an invitation to the Greens. Taking legal action is not our preferred option but it is one we will have to keep open unless the broadcaster reconsiders their position.”




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Jim Murphy

Ruth Davidson

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