Tax Returns 2021-2022

Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater have today published their tax returns for 2021-22.

Patrick’s return shows that his income was from his MSP and Ministerial roles. Lorna’s return shows that her income was also from her MSP and Ministerial roles following her election to the Scottish Parliament in May 2021. Prior to her election, Lorna earned a salary from her job as a renewable energy engineer.

MSP and Minister salaries are published here.
You can access Mr Harvie’s tax return here.
You can access Ms Slater’s tax return here.

A Scottish Greens spokesperson said:

“Prior to becoming an MSP, Lorna Slater was an engineer working on an international tidal energy project. Her employer provided her with medical insurance, as is common in such professions. She no longer receives this benefit, and her income comes from her MSP and Ministerial salary.

“On becoming an MSP, Lorna Slater continued with her health insurance policy, paid for by herself. Lorna has a complex medical history, and this was a personal decision based on her particular situation.”