Patrick Harvie, Green MSP for Glasgow and finance spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today pressed First Minister Alex Salmond to support a boycott of tax-dodging delivery corporation Amazon.

It comes amid revelations involving Take That stars and other wealthy individuals using the Icebreaker scam, and anger at Amazon paying just £4.2 million in tax despite £4.3 billion in sales.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

"As Scotland gains control over a broader range of taxes, with the potential to become fully responsible through a Yes vote, we must take the opportunity to close off the many avenues that remain open to greedy multinationals and wealthy individuals who choose not to pay their fair share.

"I fully support those calling for a boycott of Amazon until it starts properly paying up. It's a shame that the First Minister doesn't take the same view. The Scottish Government has given over £10 million of taxpayers' money to Amazon - effectively paying them back more than double what they paid in corporation tax across the whole UK. This sort of corporate welfare must stop and I will continue to push for a change of attitude from the Scottish Government."

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Scottish Government £10.6million support for Amazon comprises £4.3m offered in RSA and training awards and £6.3m made available through SE Scottish Property Support Scheme for the Dunfermline building.