Taskforce needed to tackle dogfighting says green MSP

A call for the Scottish Government to set up a national taskforce to deal with organised dogfighting was made at Holyrood today by a Green MSP.

Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Mark Ruskell also asked the minister for community safety what action the government is “taking to detect, prevent and prosecute dogfighting offences”.

Mark Ruskell MSP said:

“Our understanding is that only one person has been prosecuted for a dog fighting related offence since 1991 as a result of a police-led investigation. I think most people in Scotland will be worried about this despicable form of organised animal cruelty. The minister confirmed that the barbaric act is very difficult for agencies to detect and is almost impossible to prevent and prosecute without tip-offs from the public.

“I’m pleased that the minister is open to how to tackle the problem. Considering the illegal gambling aspect associated with dogfighting, I hope the Scottish Government will consider setting up an animal fighting task force to share information across organisations, track those who have been convicted of animal abuse crimes in the past and bring cases of animal fighting to conviction. We can’t allow gangsters to continue this activity with such little chance of prosecution.”