Responding to the news that the Scottish Parliament's Presiding Officer has turned down a request for a legislative consent motion on the UK Government's controversial Trade Union Bill, John Wilson MSP, Fair Work spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said:John Wilson small

"The UK government’s draconian Trade Union Bill is nothing more than an attack on hard won workers’ rights. I have already supported the STUC’s call to oppose the trade union bill ‘using any means necessary to defend the democratic rights and freedoms of all trade unionists and the working people of our nation’ and I reiterate that call again today.

“While it is disappointing that the Presiding Officer has stated that a Legislative Consent Motion is not appropriate in this instance, there are clearly other ways the parliament can challenge this assault on workers’ rights and I will gladly support any such action. It is clear that there is widespread opposition across Scottish society to this bill and I will strongly support a call for non-compliance with this legislation should it be enacted.”