Sunak’s cruel and illegal Rwanda scheme must be grounded

We must halt the immoral and illegal Rwanda deportation scheme, says Maggie Chapman MSP

Rishi Sunak’s cruel anti-migrant plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda for “processing” must be grounded for good, says the Scottish Greens justice spokesperson, Maggie Chapman.

This comes as the Prime Minister has promised to bring back the plans with a new bill that Ms Chapman has branded “cruel” and “immoral.”

Ms Chapman said: “What this desperate press conference highlighted is that Rishi Sunak is terrified of his racist and reactionary backbenchers and their far-right, anti-migrant agenda, and that he will throw extremely vulnerable people under the bus to appease them.

“The reason his plans have been stopped is not only because they are immoral, but because they are illegal. To have a Prime Minister actively plotting new ways to neuter the Courts and bend and break international law is simply grotesque.

“These awful plans must be grounded for good. They sum up everything that is wrong with this government. It is an act of performative cruelty designed to spread fear and anxiety and score points in a never ending culture war against vulnerable groups and minority communities.

“It is part of the same appalling worldview that has led to the Windrush scandal, dawn raids, and deportation vans doing dawn raids in our communities. It comes from a government that is not only hellbent on ripping up the Refugee Convention but is also proud to be doing it.

“The question is not if Tory MPs have confidence in Rishi Sunak, it is how much longer will we have to put-up with this broken, incompetent government that people in Scotland have rejected time and again?”