Sunak national service plan immoral and desperate

Scottish Greens strongly oppose national service plans

Rishi Sunak's proposal for young people to do national service is "absurd, immoral and desperate", say the Scottish Greens.

The policy would see young people undertaking military service or spending one weekend a month volunteering.

Scottish Greens co-leader, Patrick Harvie said:

"Even by Rishi Sunak's standards, this proposal is absurd, immoral and desperate. It has no place in a modern democracy let alone the manifesto of a party that is serious about governing.

"Young people have rejected this tired and incompetent Tory party time and again. Now more than ever, it is important that they get out and vote on July 4th. Their future depends on it.

"The noise that people can hear is the sound of a barrel being scraped by a Prime Minister who is out of time and out of ideas and will soon be out of Downing Street.”