Suella Braverman is totally unfit for office

Suella Braverman is totally unfit to be Home Secretary and should never have been appointed, according to the Scottish Greens.

Scottish Green MSP, Maggie Chapman, said:

“For Suella Braverman to have been appointed once was unfortunate, but for it to happen twice is truly shocking. She is totally unfit to be Home Secretary. Only last week she was fired, so it is utterly staggering that one of Rishi Sunak’s first decisions was to reappoint her.

“This isn’t just a question of her competence. The politics she represents are inhumane and cruel. She has spoken of her "dream" to see more deportation flights to Rwanda - she called it her "obsession." She has made it clear that she wants to build an even more hostile environment for vulnerable people.

“It tells us a lot about this government and its terrible priorities. Rishi Sunak may present himself as a moderate, but her reappointment is a clear commitment to the extreme, racist and reactionary policies that have already done so much damage and spread so much misery.”