STV Debate: Only the Scottish Greens will take the climate action we need

The Scottish Greens will deliver for people and planet.

Commenting on tonight’s STV leaders debate, Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer said:

“The biggest loser from tonight’s debate was the climate.

“We may not have been included on the panel, but tonight certainly proved that the Scottish Greens are the only party serious about delivering for people and planet. The Tories’ Douglas Ross couldn’t stop attacking our record of progressive change here in Scotland, such as the tax changes for high earners and second home buyers which mean that public services like our NHS are £1.5 billion better off every year.

“The Tories are committed to driving the climate crisis, allowing greedy oil and gas companies to drill and burn until the damage can’t be reversed, whilst Labour refuses to revoke a single drilling licence. Meanwhile the SNP won’t give a straight answer and would rather scaremonger against a windfall tax on some of the world’s wealthiest oil companies.

“We are in a climate emergency. The choice we face is actually very simple. We either do what the other parties are suggesting and continue supporting the polluters making obscene profits from destroying our planet while families can’t afford to heat their homes, or we recognise the scientific reality, reject new oil and gas licences and invest in the Scottish Greens’ just transition, which will create thousands of quality, lasting jobs in green industries.

“Scotland deserves so much better than business as usual and, on July 4th, we can vote for real change. At this election we need to vote like our future depends on it. That is what is at stake and it is only the Scottish Greens who will fight every day for people and planet.”