The Scottish Greens have confirmed that Frances McGlinchey, Independent councillor in North Lanarkshire, has joined the party.

Her application to join was approved unanimously at the weekend by a meeting of the National Council of the Scottish Greens. Ms McGlinchey intends to continue sitting as an independent councillor, the same approach taken by previous councillors who have joined the party whilst elected.

This follows the news that Independent MSP for Central Scotland John Wilson - Ms McGlinchey's husband - has also joined the Greens as part of the recent membership surge which has taken the party from 1,700 to 7,500 members since the referendum.

Recent polling has also shown the Greens to be on track for a record General Election performance across the UK and around 10 MSPs at the next Scottish Parliament election in 2016.

Councillor McGlinchey said:

“I am pleased to announce my decision to join the Scottish Green Party. I have always believed in social justice and protection of the environment.

"I am a CND activist committed to ridding Scotland of nuclear weapons of mass destruction and the Greens share the same vision of a nuclear free Scotland outwith the nuclear club NATO. Campaigning in the referendum for a Yes vote brought me closer to The Greens and showed me that this was a party that reflected my values hopes and aspirations for a sustainable future.”

Welcoming Frances to the Scottish Greens, co-convenor Patrick Harvie MSP said:

“As a popular local councillor Frances will be a huge asset to the Greens as we expand across Scotland, particularly in North Lanarkshire where our membership has more than quadrupled. Our local members were delighted to hear than Frances had applied to join and we're confident that she will well represent the Green values of social justice, radical local democracy and equality in the council chambers.”


Tuesday's Yougov poll, showing the Greens on 8% across the UK

Recent Holyrood polling showing 10 Green MSPs