Scottish Greens are welcoming a report from the UN Human Rights Committee which criticises the scale of stop and search by Police Scotland.

The committee calls for the repeal of non-statutory stop and search powers in Scotland.

John Finnie, Independent MSP for the Highlands and Islands, justice committee member and Scottish Green MSP candidate for 2016, said:

"Prior to the advent of the single police service, the common law and statutory powers of stop and search generally worked well across Scotland. The understandable public outcry about stop and search, reflected in the comments in this measured UN Human Rights Committee Report, was the result of Police Scotland's decision to use this sensitive tactic on an unprecedented industrial scale.

"This 'disproportionate use' as the report puts it largely ignored the well understood police powers and rather relied on the highly dubious tactic of so-called 'consensual' searches. Many of those subjected to these 'consensual' searches were minors who were clearly unable to give the necessary informed consent.

"The Scottish Green Party welcomed the Government's stop and search review being undertaken by John Scott QC, the respected human rights lawyer. Whilst in not wishing to pre-empt the outcome of that review, we believe that the only acceptable way forward is to ensure all stop and search would require to be on done a statutory footing.

"We trust Scotland's authorities will note and respond positively to this important report."


UN Human Rights Committee report