Statement | Palestine and Israel

Scottish Greens external affairs spokesperson Ross Greer MSP has issued a statement describing the killing of civilians in recent days as a war crime

Following the killing of hundreds of people in Palestine and Israel in recent days, Scottish Greens external affairs spokesperson Ross Greer MSP has issued a statement.

He said: “Deliberately massacring innocent civilians is a war crime and an act of pure evil. We condemn Hamas without hesitation. 

“Palestinians have the right under international law to resist the Israeli occupation by force, but Hamas fighters murdering young people at a music festival and kidnapping wheelchair-bound pensioners is no act of resistance.

“Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine must be recognised as the root cause of these cycles of violence and both Hamas and the Israeli Government held to account for the war crimes they have committed. 

"There is no military solution that does not consign thousands more innocent people, Palestinian and Israeli, to their deaths. The only path to peace starts with Israel ending its siege of Gaza and the occupation of all Palestinian territory. 

“Half of the population of the Gaza Strip are children, so it is critical that a ceasefire is reached before Israel follows through on the threats issued by its military and political leaders."