Statement | Humza Yousaf resignation

Patrick Harvie MSP speaks following Humza Yousaf's resignation.

The Scottish Greens have said the First Minister was right to resign after his breach of trust in collapsing the Bute House Agreement left his position untenable. 

Scottish Greens · Patrick Harvie MSP reacts to First Minister's resignation

Co-leader Patrick Harvie said:

“Humza Yousaf is right to resign. His position was no longer tenable after he broke the bonds of trust with the Scottish Greens and with everyone who wanted a stable, progressive, pro-independence government.  
“It is regrettable that it has ended this way, it didn’t need to. We draw no satisfaction or pleasure from this.
“But the Scottish Greens could no longer have confidence in Humza Yousaf after he chose to unilaterally end the Bute House Agreement.  
“In doing so he let down the large majority of Scottish Green and SNP members who approved the agreement who wanted it to work.  
“He chose to end a stable majority government and jeopardised the progressive policy programme that both parties had committed to and were working to deliver.  

“It is to his credit that he has taken personal responsibility.  
“Now though is the time to return to some stability.
“The SNP is still the largest party in Parliament by some distance, and has the right to form a minority government.  
“The Scottish Greens have a long track record of working constructively from opposition and will do so with any First Minister who shares our progressive values and who can secure our confidence.  
“We know many people will be disappointed by the events of the last week. We are too. But we cannot afford to look backwards.
“This is a pivotal moment for our country, and our politics must live up to the challenges we face, and hold true to our values .  

“All parties have a responsibility for what happens next, and the kind of country we build. The Scottish Greens will play our part, as we always have done.
“Important work is already underway on a range of issues, from tenants rights to transforming the way we heat homes and buildings. It is essential that work continues.  
“We will reflect on what has happened and do everything that we can to ensure that people and planet remain at the heart of our politics.
“Finally, to the next First Minister. Trust matters, integrity matters, values matter. Do not ever take them or your political allies for granted. The country expects, demands, and deserves better.”